Tozer Marketing & Events Gives Back By Taking Back

Tozer Marketing & Events Gives The Gift Of Hope
Dec 21, 2018
Tozer Marketing & Events Gives back by taking back

Tozer Marketing & Events Gives back by taking back

One of the best things about working hard through the year is the reward of the long December summer break for most. However, with the growing amount of holiday makers making their way to our local beaches, the beaches and marine life have taken quite a knock with the severe amount of waste and pollution that is left on our beach shores on a daily basis.

As a team that whole-heartedly enjoys our incredible coastlines, we have experienced first-hand just how bad the pollution on our beaches and oceans is. It is with this that we decided to steer our annual charity drive to the ocean under the support and guidance of 7Seasrope. Our aim? To give back, by taking back what does not belong.

Who are they?

7Seasrope is an organisation that conducts community and volunteer-led beach clean-ups to remove polluting debris from beaches with the aim to restore our coastlines and removing the threat to marine life, fauna and flora.

“Every inch of rope, fishing line, fishing net, gram of plastic, glass and any human made trash that is floating in our ocean and washes up ashore is removed, and repurposed to further fund further cleanups.” – 7Seasrope

What are we doing?

As a team that is always on the lookout for cool, practical and Eco-friendly gifts and experiences, our involvement with 7Searope was a match made in tree-huger heaven. Apart from cleaning up our oceans and coastlines, they also produce and sell wearable bracelets made form the debris collected from their beach cleanups which help fund the mammoth task of cleaning up a beach.

“Each bracelet is different and has made a positive impact on the ecosystem. We aim to re-use 100% of the debris collected so we are working hard to create fresh and exciting products.” – 7Seasrope

The bracelets which are made from predominantly plastic fibers serves as reminder to the wearer of just how incredible the durability of plastic is, and what an impact having debris material such as plastic in our oceans can have on our Eco-system. Some plastic fibers, such as a shopping bag can easily take up to 20 years to decompose fully, while an item such as a plastic water bottle taking up to 450 years to decompose into the earth

How can you help?

You have already helped! Your continued support as our client has allowed us to help 7Seasrope by becoming volunteers that will help with beach clean-ups each time we are at the coast. And what’s more, as a thank you from our team to you, we have purchased a bunch of 7Searope bracelets which we will be giving out to our clients!

It is with your support throughout the year that we are able to give back to our planet! We thank you for your continued support and wish you and your loved ones a fantastic Festive Season!

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